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it is common to get headaches and dizziness with viagra or its generic equivalants. when my bf took cialis though he loved it, said he didn't have any side effects and it lasted for days... the only thing was, it says you will only get a boner when you are sexually aroused. well for about a day and a half he pretty much had an uncontrollable boner lol. this has happened with viagra too, to be careful how high a dose you take.

Today is 72 hours post ingestion and I can definitely say that 36-48 hours is about as much as can be expected. With work and related stresses disappearing I have achieved 4 erections on my own with an 8-9 EQ. I just spent the entire dinner with my girlfriend attempting to contain my erection. Today I also took the 5 Gs with 500mg L-Arginine.

On the Daily Use Dosage how soon will it work once I start taking it? I started taking the daily dosage today in preparation for a romantic vacation with my wife which starts tomorrow for 1 week. Should I expect to see results within 24 hours after just starting this small of a Daily Use Dosage today or not? Generally, there can be some initial affect within 30 minutes to an hour, though that does not apply to everyone. As has already been stated, it will take awhile to become fully effective in your body. revelation for me in a few short hours and I'm glad I have some left, for those special occasions like a romantic weekend. My plan right now is to continue the 5 Gs - which have yet to help, but i havent been on them long- and use Cialis sparingly-- as well as adapt to my changing lifestyle-- to get to the point where I can achieve 8/9/10 EQ on my own.Sign-up now!

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